Long COVID Now Has a Formal Definition from the WHO: What to Know

Post COVID-19 condition is now the formal definition of long COVID, according to the World Health Organization. FG Trade/Getty Images The WHO has released a document outlining a formal definition for long COVID, which it now calls “post COVID-19 condition.” Long COVID can have a variety of symptoms and has been linked to an increased […]

How Long Does Coffee Last? How to Store Coffee

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the United States and many countries around the world (1). There are countless forms of coffee and coffee-based drinks that vary in flavor and intensity. In addition to providing its signature boost in energy, coffee is rich in antioxidants that may promote health (2). If you drink or […]

The 22 Best Eye Creams to Improve Dark Circles and Puffiness

Courtesy of brand Facebook Pinterest Email The use of eye cream is a heated debate in the Allure office: About half the team believes slathering the undereye area with decadent creams can help minimize the appearance of dark circles over time, while the other half seems to think they're moisturizers in tiny tubs and offer […]

I’ve Finally Found the Perfect Wave Cream for My Hair Texture

Design by Ingrid Frahm Facebook Email Pinterest All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. My friend Leigh and I are standing in front of a full-length mirror in Soffe shorts and spaghetti strap tank tops, intently […]

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